Youth Strategy Sessions

According to their age group, youth ladies will attend all of the sessions.

Middle School Sessions

  1. #NoFilter with Brooke Davis– How can you find your self-worth in a social media world where everything seems perfect and you don’t feel like you measure up?
  2. Finding God’s Goodness in Life’s “Unfair” Moments with Karlie Davis- Do you have times where life just seems unfair? Do you know that God is still with us in the unfair moments? Let’s take some time to remind ourself of God’s goodness and faithfulness during the hills AND valleys of our life.
  3. Self-Imagine with Sydney Ball– What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you find value in your looks? Your social status? Your abilities? Or do you find value in how you are viewed through God’s eyes. We are called to glorify Him and Him alone. You don’t have to impress God with physical appearance so why are we so hard on ourselves to meet a worldly standard? Why do we feel the need to impress others to gain approval/ Let’s take a second look in the mirror.

High School Sessions

  1. Loving Purely with Laura Turner– Your life shouldn’t be a reflection of how well you follow rules but how much you love Jesus! Loving purely so you can live free. God makes us pure. We can have a fresh start any moment we choose. 2 Cor. 5:17
  2. Oh, How He Loves Us with Donna Hessey– Understanding His unfailing love for you.  Isaiah 54:10
  3. Ten Things I Want in You with Maddy Langley– Relationships and Godly standards