Friday, August 18

Friday Evening Testimony- Megg Crane

Megg’s life has been filled with struggle and heartache, but it has also been filled with hope and love. Her story of second chances reassures all of us that through Christ, we all have a life worth living.

Friday Evening Speaker-
Haley Harcrow

As a wife and stay-at-home mom, Haley has the privilege of serving at First Baptist Church Hokes Bluff in Women’s Ministry and as a Sunday School teacher. She loves studying God’s Word and is passionate about teaching in a way that is easy to understand. She desires for women to know Scripture for themselves and be able to apply it in their everyday life. She longs to encourage women to see God’s Goodness in their own lives and know that hope is found only in Him!

Saturday, August 19

Saturday Testimony-
Jerri Atkins

Jerri has seen some trying times. During these times and storms of life, God’s goodness has been readily evident at times, but other times it has been hidden. She has discovered throughout the years that she serves a God the isn’t offended by her wavering thoughts and doubts. God has remained constant through each question. Because of this, Jerri wants to share her story so that others can be encouraged by God’s faithfulness and goodness even in our doubts. The goodness of Him isn’t what we are going through, but that He is going through it with us.

Morning Speaker –
Cassie Shields

She is both a speaker and teacher of God’s Word. The women’s ministry leader at First Baptist Church Hokes Bluff, she believes in the power of God’s Word. She desires to see women in and around this area come to know Christ and know him more intimately, and for that relationship to spark a fire leading them to develop a passion that affects other women in their path.

Afternoon Speaker –
Karmen Smith

As a wife, mother, teacher, speaker, and blogger, Karmen is passionate about encouraging, exhorting and exciting others with real stories about real life. Her heartbeat is to challenge others, particularly women to look for the activity of God amidst life’s struggles. Her hope is to dare them to establish holy habits, get to know God through His Word. Empowering them to live boldly for Christ!