Adult Breakout Sessions

We have changed things a little bit when it comes to the breakout sessions! This year we have certain sessions for Friday and certain sessions for Saturday.

Ladies- please choose one (1) for each day.

Friday Sessions-

  • 1. A Brief History of God with Loida Davis– Finding peace in knowing who He has always been, who He is, and who He will always be.
  • 2. Desperate for Peace with Leslie Evans– What is stealing your peace? The world offers us peace, but it’s only temporary. Are you desperate for peace? If so, I invite you to join me and let’s take a journey into God’s Word where we can find the answer to true lasting peace.
  • 3. From Me to We with Amanda Morris– Why did I get married? Why am I getting married? This class is for married or engaged women. People will tell you marriage is hard. Why? Because it is! If your marriage isn’t a “marital paradise” this class is for you.
  • 4. Happiness and Joy with Wendy Griffith– How do we find happiness and joy? What does the Bible say about them? This session will be a precursor for the Max Lucado’s book Happy Today, A Guided Journal to Genuine Joy. Bible study books will be given.
  • 5. Knowing God’s Will with Alesia Bean– Growing out of your comfort zone to know God’s will for your life.
  • 6. Maintaining Our Peace with Traci Howard– We all face difficult circumstances. God’s Word says we will face trials and tribulations in our lives. We can also learn ways from God’s Word to maintain our peace during those difficult circumstances.
  • 7, Peace, Because You Know God’s Truths, Right? with Brandi Rose– When the everyday battles rock your world, you can find peace through God’s truths.
  • 8. Reason to Hope with Gale Sanders– The story of Naomi teaches us how to rely on God even when we don’t understand. Naomi experienced great loss in her lifetime but God saw her through the hard times using her pain and confusion for a great purpose.
  • 9. Seeds of Faith with Monica Belyue– There is peace found in faith planting and growing our faith that fights fear, teaches us to overcome our past, has hope for the future and increases our faith. Growing healthy roots and replacing unhealthy roots.
  • 10. The Rapture of the Church with Jill Boatwright– Why do I need a firm foundation in Christ in the last days? This lesson will use scripture to explain the meaning of the rapture and why the Body of Christ will be caught up before the tribulation. The signs of the times will be discussed.
  • 11. Trusting God Through the Storms with Connie Richardson– A testimony of finding peace when life is falling apart.
  • 12. COLLEGE CLASS- Finding My Worth with Mickie Kerr– In today’s world we have so many things to compare ourselves to, and often end up feeling like we don’t measure up. While trying, we create a mess with our mind and heart; but we are worthy and called to be His.

Saturday Sessions-

  • 13. Active Surrender with Bonita Gomez– In Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”, the phrasing comes from a Hebrew word that essentially means to surrender. What if we’ve mistaken “be still” as sitting quietly when God actually means for us to actively surrender to His control?
  • 14. Anchored in Christ with Michelle Keasler– Trusting in the promises of God we find in His Word for when the storms of life life rage.
  • 15. Choosing an Attitude of Gratitude with Donna Hessey– 1 Thes 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances’ for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Be thankful in all things, really? YES! Let’s work together to see how to take those runaway thoughts captive and glorify God!
  • 16. Gaining Peace in Your Finances with Andrea Marbut– Do you trust God with your finances? My personal story and a few easy tips.
  • 17. Intimacy with God with Lynn Watson– Maintaining an intimate relationship with God in this crazy world.
  • 18. Jesus’ Coping Skills with Donna Huff– Faced with the full gamut of human emotions during daily stress and specifically high stress in the garden before going on trial, how do we see Jesus coping?
  • 19. Making Peace with Me with Christie Pickard– Sometimes “Mama Guilt”, shame from the past, or even the constant feeling like we are letting someone down can creep in and steal our peace. We can put away the shame and guilt and make peace with the one that is sometimes our greatest enemy… ourselves.
  • 20. Naked Before the Lord with Jennifer Johnson– Before we can put on Christ, we have to shed the worldly garments that quiet the Holy Spirit. Please joine me as we take a look at how to be “naked” before the Lord.
  • 21. Peace Lessons from Africa and Beyond with Becky Stonecypher– Find out how you can have peace no matter where you go in life.
  • 22. S.A.C.R.E.D with Tricia Noah– Discovering the peace that can only be found with the Waymaker, The One who can make a Red Sea Road through the waves of our lives.
  • 23. Surround Your Anxiety and Fear with Kathy Gidley– Instead of it surrounding you. Based on 2 Kings 6.
  • 24. COLLEGE CLASS- Get it Together Girl with Emily Day– We will take a close look at what sanctuary means. Then we will discuss the if/then(s) that lead to God’s blessings.