Adult Strategy Sessions

You will choose two (2) strategy sessions for the weekend. One (1) for Friday night and one (1) for Saturday. Please note that some are for “College” and some are marked for Friday OR Saturday ONLY.

  1. Calm the Chaos with Ginger Young– How do Christians let God’s Word lead their lives? The Bible empowers over our circumstances to know who is actually in control. 
  2. Everyday Sinner with Andrea Helms– Life is such an amazing, wonderful journey, but at times it’s like a badly paved road… you’re traveling along and BAM! In this session, you will hear how God had mercy on an everyday sinner. God is a God of Miracles.

  3. Hope in the Face of Forgiveness with Christie Holman– In this session, Christie will share her journey of how God gave her an indescribable peace always assuring me that there was and is hope in Him and FREEDOM IN FORGIVENESS.

  4. Power of a Praying Wife with Kristen Boozer– Worrying about your marriage changes nothing, but praying about it can change everything. These days a fulfilling marriage can seem unachievable. God is waiting to do the impossible if only we would ask! Prayer is vital to the restoration, growth, and renewal of our marriage.  

  5. Redeeming Your Child’s Phone with Emily Hamilton  (Friday Only) What’s on it, how do I monitor it, and is it dangerous? Get to know your kid’s phone and how to redeem it. 

  6. See a Victory with Alex White– This session is about how one family sought God’s wisdom and presence in the most difficult and trying times. They were able to SEE A VICTORY over their situation in order to tell of His might power, miracles, and glory in their lives. This is a raw and honest story of how God took what the enemy meant for evil and turned it for good. 

  7. Single Mom’s Living Exceptionally with Jennifer Johnson– What does the Bible say about single parenting? Take a closer look at how to navigate life’s toughest issues through the eyes of Hagar.

  8. The Journey of Restoration with Ellen Blair– When Ellen was 18, she had to give up her beautiful daughter for adoption. Her story is how God stepped in and gave her back. He has helped them build a beautiful, loving relationship over the years. GOD is faithful! 

  9. The Nature of God with Sheree Estes– (Saturday Only) A look at how the “nature of God” -Genesis 1:11-12 – offers assurance of the “Nature of God”-1John 4:8. A tree grows, as does a soul, not by their own striving, but by their continuous response to life, water, light, heat and air. This is faith in action -for love begets love. Reference: “As a Tree Grows,” W. Phillip Keller

  10. The Seduction of Satan with Jessica Haney (Friday College Class)  Why do Godly people do ungodly things? Taking a real look at how and why we get stuck, ways to prevent it and the way back to peace.

  11. What’s a girl to do? with Kathy Gidley– In this session, Kathy will be looking at Biblical characters straight out of the Word of God to “talk to us girls”. Discover some biblically based responses to the hard times (valleys) and the good times (hills) and how in each circumstance there will be decisions that we must make.