Adult Breakout Sessions

Ladies will be able to choose a Friday session and a Saturday Session.

Friday Sessions-

  1. If It Reads Like Brokenness with Kristi Farthing– We’re going to take a look at the lives of a few women in the Bible and see how God held their sorrows. God was in the details of their stories and he used their brokenness for His Glory. Likewise, God is in our stories.
  2. If It Reads Like a Broken Home with Kathy Gidley– Did Jesus really ever deal with the hurts of the “broken home”– Yes. We see God showing up in so many places where the heart is shattered from broken homes. Follow us as we discover His steadfast love that meets us right in the middle of our struggle.
  3. If It Reads Like Cancer with Crissy Walton– “The ugly of it… I have cancer…” This is what I wrote in my online story when I was first diagnosed. But God… There are many more words that God has shown me through this journey and asked me to deal with: overwhelmed, uncertainty, struggle, anxiety, surrender, weakness, vulnerability, joy, love, patience, peace. Physically I was sick but spiritually I grew. Psalm 18:8. I will not be shaken.
  4. If It Reads Like Fear with Susan Wester– The phrase “Do not be afraid” appears in scripture 365 times– that’s a daily reminder to live fearless. Let’s learn from the Bible some strategies to put faith over fear!
  5. If It Reads Like I Know Who Holds Tomorrow with Jill Boatwright– Tomorrow is not promised but Christ gives us the promise of eternal life in heaven. In this session, we will be reminded of what is most important in life– accepting Jesus Christ as savior and investing our life serving Him. Our earthly life is a vapor but eternity is forever. What will you do with Jesus Christ?
  6. If It Reads Like Infertility with Holly Knowlton and Rachel Kisor– Even though we don’t always understand, the Lord has a plan and purpose in our infertility.
  7. If It Reads Like Hope After Loss (Child) with Kristi Tisdale– I was doing everything I thought God would have me to do… wife of a youth minister, working in every capacity of the church, caring for the sick as a nurse, dealing with the stress of a sick baby. Life can bring unexpected and devastating tragedy that caused me to question God’s love and protection for me and my family. I felt that all my hope was gone, but through the loss God was always with me giving me hope. Jeremiah 29:11
  8. If It Reads Like Loss (Spouse) with Tiffany Smith– The pain of loss can feel overwhelming, but God can help us in our sorrow to not lose hope and trust in His next steps for our lives.
  9. If It Reads Like Unraveling with Tameah Harrelson– I know growth comes in the valley. I have experienced it first hand, but no body could have prepared me for the unraveling that began with an empty nest. Just like you imagine a sweater coming unraveled, it began with a tiny prick. Before I knew it, I thought I was left with nothing but years worth of mothering tossed to the wind. But God… He was there all along. When I thought I was drowning, He kept my head just enough above the waters to keep my eyes fixed on Him. I would love to share what God did during some dark days and how He used some crazy things, such as my husband’s snoring, to keep me in a place of seeking, and finding the only One who could put me back together one stitch at a time.
  10. If It Reads Like Victory with Christie Thornton– Triumphant victory can be yours in the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 3:20; Jude 1:24

    Saturday Sessions
  11. If It Reads Like God is Absent with Bonita Gomez– The name of God is not written once in the Book of Esther, but His fingerprints are all over the story. Similarly, He is at work behind the scenes of our lives, bringing about His perfect plan and will.
  12. If It Reads Like Heartache with Christie Pickard– Proverbs tells us to “Train our children in the way of the Lord and when they are old they will not depart from it.” A fresh look at Samson’s mother gives us a glimpse into God’s heart for Mamas and our children’s ability to choose their will and not the Lord’s.
  13. If It Reads Like Highs and Lows with Donna Hessey– My testimony of when two blondes and a boy walk into a church and walk out totally different. Psalm 116:7-9
  14. If It Reads Like Hopelessness… But God with Lori Smith– When someone hears the “C” word, most of us immediately think life is over. Hopelessness takes over especially if it’s a diagnosis of end stage. But God.
  15. If It Reads Like I’m Hurting and Broken with Darlene Dean– This is my story about walking through grief, not losing hope, and trusting Jesus.
  16. If It Reads Like Real Life with Donna Huff– When troubles pile up, relationships drain you, and the church doesn’t meet expectations- let’s follow Paul in 2 Corinthians as he exercises his faith in the middle of conflict.
  17. If It Reads Like Resurrection with Lynn Watson– Becoming a new creature in Christ.
  18. If It Reads Like Running Your Race with Sarah Cherry– Many people start out their race with a dash and finish with very little energy. That doesn’t have to be you. God has a specific plan for your life. He wants you to finish well, but it’s up to you to decide what kind of race you want to run.
  19. If It Reads Like Selfie to Surrender with Carrie Robinson– Are you trying to forge through on your own? Escape the slavery of self-sufficiency and self ambition. John 3:10
  20. If It Reads Like Uncertainty, Fear and Failure with Kara Howard– Have you ever felt not good enough? As a homeschool mom to 6 young children and a pastors wife to a struggling church, I know the feeling of not being good enough. God uses us in all our weakness, insecurities and uncertainties to bring Glory to His name. We will explore scripture to see who God says we are, how we can be used by Him and remember hard is not the same as bad.