Adult Breakout Sessions

We have changed things a little bit when it comes to the breakout sessions! This year we have certain sessions for Friday and certain sessions for Saturday. Ladies- please choose one (1) for each day.

Friday Sessions-

  • 1. Accepting the Unacceptable with Monica Belyeu– Learning to accept the people we love without accepting their sinful behaviors. How do we learn to accept our loved ones without turning them against the Word of God?
  • 2. Connecting + Encouraging One Another with Pattie Shields– Do you feel disconnected from others and from God? God created us to be connected and satisfied in Him, so that we can encourage others. John 7:37-38
  • 3. Forgiving One Another with Leslie Wells– So often when we are hurt we find it difficult to forgive. But what is forgiveness? What is it not? How can you forgive and trust God with your heart.
  • 4. Love Beyond Reason with Erin Young– Moving God’s love from your head to your heart.
  • 5. Loving Your Neighbor with the Kindness of God with Carrie Robinson– Sometimes loving our neighbors as God commands isn’t easy. Let’s explore how we can set aside condemnation, call a sin a sin, but respond to those who sin differently with grace.
  • 6. Sharing the Gospel with Alesia Bean– Why should we share our faith with others? I have found purpose in my salvation; sharing Jesus has become who I am not what I do.
  • 7, The Heart of a Servant with Leslie Evans– The world defines greatness by power, possession, prestige and position. However, Jesus measures greatness by our service to others. Let’s examine our hearts; are you a servant?
  • 8. The Power of a Woman’s Words with Haley Harcrow– Your greatest weapon- for good or evil- is in your mouth. Let’s recognize words that tear down and replace them with words that build up those around us.
  • 9. The Ties that Bind with Ginger Young– Proof of faith is evident in the ties we bind. What ties can we break? What ties can we create that allow us to live a life bound in love? Colossians 3:5-14
  • 10. True Connection vs False Connection with Anna Norman– COLLEGE AGED CLASS- in a world where everybody is connected, is it true connection or false connection?
  • 11. Truth or Lies with Susan Wester– Learning to walk in the Spirit in every situation.
  • 12. When Your Heart Takes a Hit with Kathy Gidley– Dealing with forgiveness after the hurt.

Saturday Sessions-

  • 13. Admonishing One Another with Andrea Marbut– Accountability in ministry and our personal lives. Let’s talk about when, how, and why we are called to admonish.
  • 14. Bitter or Better with Gale Sanders– Is it possible to forgive and forget? What does the Bible say? Remaining bitter isn’t healthy for anyone. God can help!
  • 15. Finding Comfort & Comforting Others with Traci Howard– Jesus prayed for the Father to send us a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to abide with us forever. How can we find comfort from the Holy Spirit and comfort others in their time of need?
  • 16. Get Off the Crazy Train with Emily Day– Satan loves to attack our thoughts. Are you full of hurt, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, or bitterness? Let’s talk about how we can break the cycle and get off the crazy train.
  • 17. It Takes a Village with Tana Estes– James 1:27 tells us to look after widows and orphans in their distress. In times as these, it take a village to do that. What part of the village could you be to help those in their distress?
  • 18. Love Moves FIrst with Sheree Estes– In this is love; not that we have loved God, but that God loved us – 1John 4:10. We will affirm from God’s Word that our hope is found in the love of our Heavenly Father.
  • 19. Preparing Your Heart and Home with Christie Pickard– Let’s talk about how hospitality and sharing our faith can change the world. Come walk through why and how to simply share the Gospel message.
  • 20. Remembering Your Heartsong with Crystal Sparks– Have you felt you’ve lost a little confidence? Keep your heart strong through adversity! Stand on the thorns and thistles life brings and trust Him along the way.
  • 21. Sacrificial Love with Jennifer Johnson– A glimpse of how to love individuals right where they are. Gaining insight from Naomi and Ruth.
  • 22. Soul Winning Bringing in the Sheaves with Martha Evans– Have you ever led someone to Christ? Do you have friends and relatives who need to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Join us to discuss how to become a soul winner. Psalm 126:6
  • 23. Stand Strong with Loida Dunlap– As women, it is important we learn and encourage others to learn the Word of God, so we can stand for Jesus even when the culture and everything else is against us.
  • 24. Thy Will Be Done with Tricia Noah– Learning to trust in God’s love and faithfulness to overcome fear of surrendering control.
  • 25. We Should Do This More Often with Tiffany Smith– Whether your children are in diapers or driving, we’ll look at how to prioritize our marriages, reconnect with our husbands, and enjoy those pre-child activities you vaguely recall.